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For example, game

The maintenance of a material should correspond to children's experience The material for games and occupations with small children is necessary for selecting the such in a way that its contents corresponded to children's experience.Use situations familiar to the kid.For example, game with the machine children saw cars on to the street; game The pussycat, the pussycat ! children saw and ironed a cat.If the new material is offered, previously it is necessary to give to the child new representations.For example, game A chicken with chickens.Small city children often have no real idea of house birds, therefore show to the child of a toy a chicken and chickens or pictures, it is a little tell about these house birds, and then start to play.

One of boys

Unless we look for old men, that not game whether in football What nasty thing persistent tracingat children of an onanism.One of boys left in a huff, one bed plo it is laid, one coat , one blot in tetto radka.If we also do not chide, in any casewe grumble instead of rejoicing that only one,one, one.We hear complaints and disputes, but it is how moreforgiveness, concessions, help, care, services, lessons, gluboky and beautiful influences! Even teases and illnatured persons notonly force to shed tears, but also to blossom smiles.

It can become

To many children who were on natural feedin weeks for accustoming to taste of a nutritious mix are required.If the child experiences difficulties at a sosaniye from a small bottle or absolutely refuses it, it is possible to try one more way.This feeding from a cup.Six months are not too early age for drink from a cup see the st week.It can become a solution if the child gets used to taste of a nutritious mix.Shortly the kid will meet the first semiannual birthday.Probably, it already passed to adult food and eats three times a day.Only before going to bed it is still fed with parent milk or a nutritious mix.

Go on walk, even

It worked with children having the gift of clairvoyance, and also with children with multiple defects much.Laugh more often.Release silly jokes.Smile to passersby.Set many questions.Be not afraid to look silly.Do not feel sorry for time for nature contemplation.Allow a dog to lick your person.Ask for help, when it is necessary to you.Roll in a grass and look at clouds.Go on walk, even if it is raining.Children need to see that you do all this.

We will

We should understand that all mankind is included now into the new world, and we should pass buffer transition in the selfeducation, education, trainin adaptation to it.We will have nothing to do soon.We will have no raw materials in order that proizto drive everything that we make today, and then we throw out in half a year that we buy.People gradually more and more time will see off organizovanno in such educational institutions.And consequently the most important profession which is necessary in the following generation, I am sure, it is a profession vosa feeder, the instructor, the teacher.

Their food

And they dispersed on the world in different directions, having been disappointed in a cart association mozhnost.About it Joseph Flavy very interestingly wrote.Three million people togas da it was the whole civilization were in the small territory, ogranichenny the rivers Tiger and Euphrates.The sun and water is a lot of, people grew up barley, wheat, garlic, caught and dried fish.Their food contained everything not obkhodimy microcells.Fine conditions for an ancient civilization.And suddenly it appears that inhabitants of Babylon unable to be together.And time , who where.Practically, each family, a tribe, shop left diversely and formed the people.


Those adults who considersex by the forbidden subject, most likely, received the incorrecteducation in the childhood.Improper feeding develops the badhabits on all subsequent life.Problemsa food sooner or later arise in each family.Female magazines and grants on education of childrenare full of articles on a subject How to convince the child there is that,what it is not pleasant to it.However whether it is better to ask a question how to eliminatethe reason than to think how to correct that alreadyit was created Wrong habits very muchit is difficult to eradicate.

It takes

To MasaraIbuka writes Madam Risheni Felix, recognizedthe authority on training to mathematics, argues,that the child can start to be taught mathematicsat any age.Row or set itsimply sets of subjects with the general qualities.The child gets acquainted with them when beginsto play with cubes.It takes them one by one,distinguishing in a form square, triangular etc.Already at early age the kid well understands,that each cube is an element of row and that a small groupcubes it is one row, and triangles another.Simple idea that subjects can be groupedaccording to certain characteristics, is the main thingprinciple which underlies the theoryranks.

We already

Performance broke up to separate bright episodes, and about what integral perception it was is not necessary to tell that.To a campaign in puppet theater on performance Gold key we prepared in advance.The book studied up and down.We already had idea of the auditorium, scene and actors The Pinocchio in the book jumped out of a hall on a scene where it was welcomed by all doll tribe.Now we will look, as all this looks at the real theater.Here the curtain, now it will open.A fairy tale plot, to big ours to regret underwent big changes, but some episodes, glory o are kept in inviolability.

The preference

The only thing that is necessary orange to keep health, carefully to think over all aspects of the researches and to plan the feats more attentively.Yellow auraPreferenceThe yellow primary color.It expresses the main mental requirement to reveal.In development the individual sense of all changes is put.In them are concluded hope,aspiration to pleasure, happiness.The preference of yellow color the rest means searches of the release bearing happiness for that is absent.The yellow is chosen by people, which look for the changed, releasing relations to discharge in the expected way the raised tension and to have possibility to reveal, reach the desirable.

Moreover, when

Cole, G.Lister, and C.LeesonPayne, Breast Milk and Subsequent Intelligence Quotient in Children Born Preterm, Lancet –feeling.Moreover, when the child physically leaves from under nepothe sredstvenny parent power – becomes independent and playsitself – proceeding feeding strengthens even moreits emotional communication with mother.This additive sometimes nedowill melt to those kids who were deprived chest The distance from mother and return to it creates at rebenhoming under her win strengthens it from within and on to it gradually to leave in the wide world, operatingsurely and independently.

Mother, having

The child wants, that with it managed seriously, tre trust, councils and instructions.We belong toto it playfully, tirelessly we suspect, we push away neponimaniye, we deny assistance.Mother, having come to the doctor to consultation, does not want at to drive the facts, prefers the general form Nervous, whimsical, disobedient.Facts, dear, symptoms.Bit the girlfriend.It is simply a shame to tell.And after allloves it, always with it plays.Fiveminute conversation with the girl hates podru which laughs at it and its dresses, and mother on called tryapichnitsa.

When the friend

To Suzuki in the beginning answered,that it is impossible, and apologized, referring onthat the child is still too small to holdviolin, after all it in a proportion to his body all the samethat a contrabass for the adult.When the friend left,Musical academy of the doctor of Suzuki Suzuki suddenly understood that thinks too narrowly.Itjust told that the child is still small to studyto play a violin though itself before madethe conclusion that at the age of three years the child can studyto music and to become the good musician.Certainly,the violin is too great for the child, but whynot to make a violin suitable it on the sizeInspired by this thought, Suzuki was acceptedto make small violinists.

Nd WEEK At the age of months

In process of a growing of the child atopic dermatitis passes to other painful conditions.nd WEEK At the age of months actively creeping child subjects to continuous tests the thin and sensitive skin.When crawling there can be a socalled contact dermatitis.More often at children the atopic dermatitis caused by food allergy meets.Dryness of skin, the red rash appearing on a face is symptoms of food allergy.When progressing illness rash can appear on a body and extremities.At atopic dermatitis an unusual zone of localization of rash is the diaper area.

More often

What horror! I.And what they will have a look G of R and and.Dumbfounded.More often in conversation with the child we use the same verbs, the most running adjectives partly in order that it is better than us understood, partly because our own speech does not differ the special wealth.We speak small, bi malicious, kind.But after all is still words enormous, enormous, huge, tiny, tiny and even microscopic.What fine, magnificent, delightful, wonderful, excellent, remarkable, magnificent house! What charmin pretty, charmin charming and nice girl! In conversation with the child we seldom use similar words from where to it their nobility All this richness of definitions is withdrawn from the daily address, and we we tell only the bad good, beautiful ugly, kind malicious very primitive and limited set.

One of them

Communication between head movements here and there and denial will arise only in some months.AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDDifferent types of activity bring to the kid pleasure To age of months various kinds of activity bring to the kid pleasure.One of them is dance.The kid also likes to break toys or to tear books or paper.Let it does not guard and does not frighten you.The child is involved by simple games, such, as a hideandseek.To this age the child becomes the initiator of games.Now he plays more than before.The child likes to visit shops.There he sees a lot of new to it and, certainly, interesting subjects.

After all what

In society already and there are a lot of the women who have learned fight and competitions, destroying not only the hormones, but also lost ability to have children.If you do not want to grow up from the daughter lonely and embittered, but the provided business lady, give the chance to it to develop love and cooperation with all.Let the world for it will be fine and kind.After all what we expect from life, we create.If the girl to prepare for fight and superiority, what it will do with the private life If your son is weak and less prepared, than other children therefore it is not confident in the forces, badly owns this or that type of movement, it is necessary for it to feel your continued support.


The sequence of their emergence is specified in drawing Existence of temporary teeth causes the correct development of jaws and as a whole facial bones of a skull.Earlier children who had teeth earlier start to talk.The talkative kid is pleasure for him and for his parents.Regularly brush teeth.The first milk teeth is necessary for cleaning a rag or a small soft tooth brush.There is no need to use a children's toothpaste.If the child had four teeth, it is necessary to clean them not less often than time per day.When you brush teeth the kid, do it accurately.


You can combine and combine various products in the dishes prepared for the child.For example, offer it macaroni with cheese, or boiled vegetables with meat, or rice with vegetables.Preparing children's dishes, it is necessary to forget about spices.Small children do not like spicy or spicy food.THAT the CHILD AT AGE AND eats MONTHS the Typical menu of the child or feedings in or others blyuda porridge cups, cups of macaroni slices kormleniyafruktovy dining rooms kormleniyaotvarny dining rooms dining rooms th WEEK DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the th WEEKHere it is identity! The child constantly expresses the identity.It well understands that is pleasant to it and that is not present, shows sense of humour.


Her statement for primacyletters, instead of readings at preschool children becamethe real break in education of children.Montessorialso started to be interested in a technique vividlyworks with healthy children.Since Montessori's method began to take root activelyin life.Courses according to Montessori opened to pedagogics, teachers became interested in the authorLondon, Barcelona, Paris.Those years with MariaMontessori met Julius Russian teacherFausek which opened the first in Russia montessoriansky kindergarten.

So, we begin. Yura

Be not surprised, if children

Give the chance to the child to choose independently those toys which are pleasant to it.Allow the girl to play with truck, and to the boy with a doll.Be not surprised, if children choose a toy which on stereotypic representations should be intended for other sex of the child.Since small years the child sees role differentiation of activity in a family.Mother performs the homework connected with cooking and house cleanin and the father with maintenance and transfer of weights.In the course of time children well acquire such cast, and in the course of game the girl will not want to be a father, and the boy mother.

Some of them

Dummy processingI had to observe more than once, how parents who give a dummy to the child, lick it previously, wipe about itself or simply shake the stuck dirt.Some of them said that so stimulate immunity of the child.It is not necessary to experiment in this way over the child.Dirt dirt discord, and memories of former times when the child grew in a nonpolluting situation in the wood or in the field near parents, playing with the earth, long ago left, remember the changed conditions.There is no more that earth and many other.The industry develops, cars became much, a dust and dirt now others.The kid needs to be preserved, giving it the protection and the help.

Then all their

At first it – maa terinsky womb, and after the birth mother turns for it into external shelter.Then the lump NATO, the apartment, a family, the residential district, the city, the country … becomes a bosom if we only were able to keep this enveloping feeling of warmth if it did not disappear, and spread in the course of time, our children would feel themselves in safety.Surrounded with love, they would pass the whole world through themselves, that about more and more strong reciprocal feeling.Then all their life would be natural, pleasant and fine.And therefore, for support in the child of feeling loving okrua zheniye, mother should contact as much as possible to it in the first twothree years, to keep it on hands or in a baby sling – in process of forces and possibilities.

Many children, doing

At a bear today birthday.To it one is executed or more year.Let's congratulate a bear! Here a festive pie help a bear to blow into candles When the child blows into a candle, watch, that the exhalation was lon strong and smooth.Explain to the kid that it has some attempts, in each of which it is possible to blow only once If the candle did not go out again we gather in breast air also we try once again.Many children, doing the correct exhalation, cannot truly direct a stream exhaled air it passes by a candle flame.In this case it is useful for descriptive reasons to suggest to blow in a pipe made of a leaf of dense paper diameter of cm since by means of a pipe it is possible to supervise the direction exhaled air.

Often before

Crystal children Power fields of crystal children contain all color range.There is a version, slightly distinct from the main, and children possessing it often are called as children of the Rainbow.Between power fields of crystal children and children of the Rainbow there are some subtle differences, but in fact they are identical.Crystal children began to be born since more.Often before the most birth they are to the parents in a dream and transfer special messages.However, some parents, having seen the kid, quickly forget about the message and start to lisp with the child and surround it with silly toys.

The heavy

At household level he already owns phrase speech rather freely, and drawing up of compound sentences will not present for it special difficulties.The dog loudly began a bark, and the boy was frightened.Kolya well was engaged, and the grandmother praised it.Kolya got hungry, and mother let's to it eat.The machine broke, and the father repaired it.The ball was gone under a case, and we got it a stick.The heavy rain went, the thunder rang out, and the lightning sparkled.Mother entered into a room, started a hand in a flower, pulled out Vanya, and Vanya very much was delighted Vanya tells about how it turned in Thumbelina.

Our first speech

A.Pushkin I TELL OH AND I WILL GIVE YOU CANDY.We listen to music.Do not lick a plate I brand.Syllables, keywords and turns.Our first speech games.Books folding beds.Cards Speech of the child with a Down syndrome is muffled, sketchy and incoherent.Cases at all the fantastic meet.The child speaks on tarabarsky adverb which even it is impossible to reproduce.Word ear nineyear Masha could not tell, but at it perfectly left what utter .But also there was no more than one time, next time, pointing to an ear, she spoke to manhole.

Mother shows

The first gift, in his opinion, the ball is.Balls should be small, soft, connectedfrom the wool, painted in various colors red,orange, yellow, green, dark blue, violeti.e.colors of a rainbow and white.To each ball it is attachedthread.Mother shows to the child balls, developing the suchin a way his ability to distinguish color.Shaking a ballin different directions and respectively sentencingforwardback, updown, to the rightto the left,it acquaints the child with spatial representations.Showing a ball on a palm, hiding itand sentencing thus There is a ball there is no ball mother acquaints the child with concepts of the statementand denials.

People learned

Time for restoration of forces too is necessary for them.What the child in a family sees Already several generations practically have no normal stereotypes of family life.People learned to work, be afraid of condemnation of people around, to be traumatized on work and the deserved disability, deprived of time for communication with children and relatives.All of us are to some extent ready to be Pavkami Korchaginymi, heroes, sufferers.About it we know much, saw, studied and wrote compositions at school.Us learned to compete, argue, battle.As a result in many families there is no practice of maintenance of personal relations, preservations and love developments.

It is difficult

And I hear Grandfather, you to me enemy.Bullet intentionally I take off for a lobby Vanya that you! As you can so to speak about the grandfather! The enemy is the bad person, a bad word! Vanya is dumbfounded by my rough reaction and a little confused.It long looks for the answer and at last mutters As though.Having thought still some time, it approaches to the grandfather.It is difficult to it to have conversation, to express enough difficult idea to formulate the reasoning.And nevertheless it finds proper words The friend speaks Vanya and strokeoars the grandfather.

Early schooling

Having understood the frustration reason, help the kid to cope with it.If you adhere to a position do everythin I to you not the assistant, be not surprised that the child will use any, including unlawful, ways of achievement of the purpose.Early schooling of the child to independence, undoubtedly, will bring it big advantage in further life.Small egg dropsy Small egg dropsy, or this disease which happens only at boys.At dropsy between covers of a small egg liquid accumulates.About a half of the been born boys have small egg dropsy.Man's sexual glands, small eggs, overcome a difficult way of migration from an abdominal cavity via the pakhovy channel in a scrotum.

Sarkis constructed

And when Kolya by phone ask that does the father, it, without reflectin answers Has a rest on a bed and snores.Our work with children is multilayered and scrupulous.It will demand from you besides huge patience also intuition, intuition and, of course, the ingenuities, allowing to consult about all new and new difficulties.Sarkis constructed a lodge, but as mother and the grandmother fight of cubes, question who made it he does not understand and answer it cannot.That here the unclear mother flies into a rage.We show it on its construction, and he already knows long ago the word who! Actually all this is absolutely difficult.

We made daughters

And we simply tried to listen to it.We and further cared of that transition from a womb in the outside world was as it is possible more softly.We filled the house with soft light and low sounds surf noise, shouts of dolphins, flute sounds, palpation of human heart.We made daughters soft massage and held it on hands that she felt skin of a touch of the father and mother much.Besides, we tried to develop in it feeling of the not physical body, in every possible way showing to the daughter that her body more than is visible to an eye.

Only mutual

The following transition period which can lead or to salutary changes, or to destructive selfdefense begins.The last occurs at the fourth stage.The person keeps away from a family and becomes inaccessible to children.Mother can not listen to them even if they will pull clothes and to ask to pay to them attention.The father goes to work and tries to spend less time houses.This time of serious test of a fortress of the hands closed by parents.Only mutual support and understanding help to keep the relationship, not to lose a family and to keep a decaying spark of love.If parents look for rescue everyone in the shelter, alcohol, drugs, tranquilizers fill their house.

Never let go the child

All accessories which can be necessary in process or after bathin should be in advance prepared and be at you near at hand.Never let go the child being in a bath.If there was an urgent reason to leave a bathroom during bathin you should take the child together with yourselves.When bathing is finished, it is not necessary to get the child together with a rubber rug.The kid can slide off it.All the time hold the child being in a bath.From the beginning and before the completion of bathing all your attention should be concentrated only to the child.AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATURED Whether enough food is received by the kid Children at the age of months daily need calories.

Will be active

MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATION Do not speak badly about the child at it,without it.Concentrate on development of the goodin the child so as a result bad will not beto remain places.Will be active in preparation of Wednesday.Showconstant careful care of it.Help the child to establish the constructiveinteraction with it.Showplace of each developing materialand the correct modes of work with it.Be ready to respond to an appeal of the child,which needs you, always listenalso answer the child, whichaddresses to you.Respect the child who made a mistakealso can now or correct a bit laterit, but immediately strictly stopany incorrect use of a materialand any action menacing to safetychild or other children.

Where word

The age of the child there is less, the words are shorterand the less their quantity.At first it can beany words, and then and words on a certain subject.It is possible to unroll rolls on a floor, it is possible to hang upon a tack, as poster.Nikolay Zaytsev's magic cubes Read to the child all written words let in the beginningthere will be words.Where word WINTER In it MAit is allocated It is correct.What is allocated MA.And nowlet's read all word.Options of games with the written words the greatset.It is possible to look for and read together onlythe allocated shock warehouse in each word.We look forsecond word from above or the third from below.

The fairy tale

VOLUME , The fairy tale – a right way to heart of the child even if this child hid in the adult.The fairy tale – the friend of sincerity and the enemy of falseness.The kind, wise fairy tale can make more than the whole lots of manuals, – as it not on , and addresses, does not urge on, and attracts us to good.In this book fairy tales which will help children to join hands are collected and already never to lose each other.Start up it will seem by miracle, but after all all know that miracles happen.MAGIC POINTS This book opens a new series under the general name Fairy tales from future .

With the firstborn

If you leave the firstborn in a protest condition because of the broken mode or ceremony, considering that he will calm down then and somewhere will fall asleep, in its organism destructive forces join.Each time, starting such moments, you engender seeds which will sprout years in eighteen twenty in smokin alcoholism and other bad habits.With the firstborn it is necessary to be very accurate.It will go even in addictions to look for the ceremony.Now I will smoke, I will calm down and will return, is the firstborn speaks.And it actually will smoke a cigaret and will return, will calm down.

In that case

We submit to it.About it Vernadsky wrote in due time.And consequently we should study simply laws of the nature and to followof.In that case we will always be in a comfortable condition, to us it will be good.This huge system penetrates us various forces.All our the cape whether, desires proceed from it.We understand system of forces which operates all matter, energy, information as the nature.Everythin beginning from atom and its parts, and to huge constellations, and above they be those layers of the nature which we yet did not comprehend today, and only in the future we hope to open.

It is necessary

Atit they became more independent, more initiative,more inquisitively, more responsibly too not onto years.Nikitina understood the knowing person itperfectly, but it should comprehend creativelythe business, the place in life, and for this purpose is necessaryabilities and ability to put into practice, in work,in any life experience.Motivation to interestHarmonious intellectual development is reached,on Nikitin, according to the same principlesspontaneous interest and independent activity.It is necessary to be prepared for it in advance.In what that the moment among children's toys appear, for example,cubes with letters and it becomes the firstat a slow pace on a way of the child to reading.

Only one raised

Years of work everything confirmed more obviously that childrenare reputable, trust and the friendly relation,that it is pleasant to us to be with them in this clear atmospheretender feelings, the cheerful laughter, the first vigorous Wuhsi liya and udivleniye, pure, light and lovely pleasures thatthis work live, fruitful I beautiful.Only one raised doubts and concern.Why sometimes the most reliable also will bring Otche the truth, seldom, but happen sudden explosions mass indiscipline of all group Perhapsadults it is not better, only more solid, reliable,it is possible to rely on them more quietlyI persistently looked for and gradually found the answer.

It is not present

In such game the superiority of one over another will consist in the answer to questions what was your internal experience; for what purpose and as we played; as compared itself with others; how ours were shown polozhitelny or negative properties here it is possible to endure the most amazing conditions game with the egoizmegohm and against it; establishment of contact to the companions and with against anybody; suppression of aspiration to be shown or, on the contrary, manifestation of, but for the sake of team.It is not present today in football which turned into business.This moral, internal, spiritual research itself and ostalny during such, outwardly rough, games conceals huge possibilities forintellectual football players.

Look at the child

Now it can show pleasure or discontent by means of various sounds.Sometimes the kid tries to repeat your intonation or even a combination of sounds which he just heard.It can connect two syllables and long repeat them.For example, mother or woman.But the child at the age of months yet does not understand values of words said by it.Will pass not one month before he will understand that such mother.Look at the child when say his name in the offer.Whether the kid reacts to pronouncing of the name If the child reacts to the name, means, he precisely understood a word meaning.

An exception

Food allergy can arise at any age, however, as a rule, it not AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDarises till feeding up introduction.An exception of a rule are children being on artificial feeding protein of cow milk on the basis of which the nutritious mix is prepared can cause an allergy.Symptoms of food allergy which meet at children, include nausea; vomiting; stomach swelling; itch; skin reddening; skin rash; crying or angry condition of the child; fatigue; appetite violation.

We know that

Night adventures – The following question is a night.We know that a half of all adventures in similar places occurs after a release.How it to organize to force them to sleep is it is impossible.Or there should not be a release at all – No, naturally, there should be an organization, and very accurate.There should be a release, but it is necessary to torment properly them, especially before going to bed that they really were tired that felt pleasure from a dream and rest.But if someone cannot fall asleep, and the others sleep, it has no right to them me.

Kindergarten. In Montessori's kindergarten

I tell in the wood

Well as, it is cheerful to you Very much he answers, yawning or suppressing ,not to offend.Summer colony.I tell in the wood treasury.During time of the story rises and one boy leaves, thenanother, the third.It surprised me, for the next day I askthem one put a stick under a bush, remembered about it,when I told, and was frightened, as though did not take;the second was hurt by the cut finger, and the third does not loveinvented stories.Whether the adult will leave also fromtheater if the play does not occupy it, pain bothers orleft in a coat pocket a cigaret caseI have many proofs of that the child mo in weeks, months to be engaged sameand not to wish change.

Who told, what

Here the Cat and the Fox, to what an artful couple! Vanya K.threatens the Fox, To cat and KarabasuBarabas fist.He loudly advises Buratino in any case not to give money and quicker to get away.Sitting before us zhenshchion looks not so much at a scene, how many with a smile and admiration on Vanya.Who told, what children with a Down syndrome are not emotional Vanya literally flies into a rage, the Belief sits tensely, keeping the eyes glued from scenes.Vitalik constantly extends a neck Vanya swinging fists and jumping up on the place, prevents it to look.

He never argues, does

However! it should be noted, that refined politeness does not prevent it to bombard persistently constructions from cubes of sister Masha, are done by it it is every time, ignoring requests, requirements and punishments.He never argues, does not pout and is not capricious at lessons, easily agrees with everything that I offer it the book to read please, the letter to dictate too it agrees, to tell, how spent summer it is always ready.His speech is very developed.It garnishes its literary epithets, parenthetic clauses and so forth.Quoted in the book Grisha's statements, his letter and the diary which we write under Grishin dictation I and mother of the boy, give some, the full is far not idea of level of its speech development.

The more

Game demands from participants and manifestation of certain abilities, then it will be interestin substantial, fascinating.Therefore ability expressively to read verses, to sing songs, to dance, draw, create strong and beautiful constructions it is always noted by children.The partners in game are more initiative and more independent, the there is a game quicker.The more they show creativity, the equipment is richer with necessary attributes.Ask the son that it is necessary for it for game, and together with it create it.

Look, what

The breeze blew, branches downloaded.rhythmically move a hand.Then put on a table the right hand on the semibent fingers it is a bug.Move firing the bug slowly creeps forward.Look, what bug creeps.See, what pads fingers at it.Where it it gathered And, it on a tree would like to get! telling a rhyme, illustrate it the bug creeps up to a tree and begins to get on a trunk up.Suddenly falls on a table pads up the right hand the back party of a palm lies on a table, the semibent fingers move.

And still Maria

It is known only that parentseverything that it in the future could did for itto realize high human mission, that, by the way, in strict Catholic Italyin any way did not correspond to traditional situationwomen.In a gymnasium Maria Montessori seriously was fondnatural sciences also made at last the professionalchoice decided to become the children's doctor.In Italy of that time it was almost impossiblethe medicine remained exclusively man'sprivilege.And still Maria Montessori's persistenceit was rewarded she became the first woman doctor of Italy.In the League of women of Italy opened in Romeortofrenichesky school.

We on it will

But it seems to me that the youth draws communication.On our platforms they really freely can communicate with each other.And this communication will cause in them feeling of lifting over any bad influences, in that chisle Interneta.There's nothing to be done – we should enter the competition.And I think that it is good.We on it will study, we will bypass obstacles so that to become more attractive, to give answers to youth questions.We are at war, entering fight against powerful, strong opponents which wish to sell to our children everything that is favorable to them and that, as a rule, harm but for children.

Etc. I speak

And then younger

So reshuffles of groups are impossible without the age qualification.But we can create different combinations of these groups we brin dopusty, into the group consisting of ten years' children, five fifteen summer which obtain from us permit, the direction to be there organijams, tutors.And then younger naturally study from them, and those are proud of that received such possibility.That is we do not mix group.We simply use that younger children always study at seniors and very much are proud of that those are engaged with them.

At power violation

They are born leaders, can perfectly build any system, but suffer from it and want a freedom of action.HealthIn spite of the fact that they seem physically stron their organism very much depends on a power and emotional condition.At power violation they can hard and quickly fall ill.Emotional pain brings them more sufferings, than physical.Be restored they can outdoors where it is not felt influences of big cities.FamilyThe family for them is a unity of souls and common goals.They cannot play the subordinated role.

For the child

where I will take for this purpose forces, energy The fear of punishment gives negative energy.It can be represented to me such awful that I will work, carry out necessarily necessary Day a stviye, damning everything on light.But it is possible to create such environment – books, society which will present me the same work of the positive.For the child it can be travel, for adults – interesting opening.It works only in that case when surrounding society is valid this work approves, extols.

We after

For de – a special approach, a special technique which it is necessary separately obgovari.It is difficult.Feeling of, itself with collective, a unification, connection – we instead ofI – at girls, small women, and at adults – absolutely other, than at men.And we should develop it is made other approach.We after all very different, we is made opposite on the at a sort.So, the device of female camp – another.And in general, it is big problem – to make female camp.Men last to each other, they want to be in one team, to them is necessary vzai, a shoulder of the companion.At them since the childhood draft to each other, to group is put.

Asphalt was very

Got out and was tumbled down on sand.The sun heated.We put on and went home.We saw, how the uncle threw black sand on a path.And other stick wound on it.The car went for a drive also did asphalt.Asphalt was very hot, and the smoke left asphalt.We looked and went home.BIRTHDAY Yesterday I went on birthday for a holiday.To the Subject.And all ate.I got on a table behind a pie both blew into candles, and left salad unintentionally on a floor.


If birthday of the child is the share of big holidays, such as New year, it is meaningful to celebrate execution not only one year, but also one year and six months that all attention of adults was concentrated only on the kid.In case birthday of the child is the share of big holidays, the kid cannot realize, concerning what event there is a celebration.Automobile waistcoat of safety If you have a healthy child and by first year of life the mass of his body makes from to k you can use alternative to a children's automobile seat an automobile waistcoat of safety.This very superficial adaptation which is attached to a car seat in shoulders and hips.


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