Sarkis constructed

Sarkis constructed And when Kolya by phone ask that does the father, it, without reflectin answers Has a rest on a bed and snores.

Our work with children is multilayered and scrupulous.

It will demand from you besides huge patience also intuition, intuition and, of course, the ingenuities, allowing to consult about all new and new difficulties.

Sarkis constructed a lodge, but as mother and the grandmother fight of cubes, question who made it he does not understand and answer it cannot.

That here the unclear mother flies into a rage.

We show it on its construction, and he already knows long ago the word who! Actually all this is absolutely difficult.

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We made daughters

We made daughters And we simply tried to listen to it.

We and further cared of that transition from a womb in the outside world was as it is possible more softly.

We filled the house with soft light and low sounds surf noise, shouts of dolphins, flute sounds, palpation of human heart.

We made daughters soft massage and held it on hands that she felt skin of a touch of the father and mother much.

Besides, we tried to develop in it feeling of the not physical body, in every possible way showing to the daughter that her body more than is visible to an eye.

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Only mutual

Only mutualThe following transition period which can lead or to salutary changes, or to destructive selfdefense begins.

The last occurs at the fourth stage.

The person keeps away from a family and becomes inaccessible to children.

Mother can not listen to them even if they will pull clothes and to ask to pay to them attention.

The father goes to work and tries to spend less time houses.

This time of serious test of a fortress of the hands closed by parents.

Only mutual support and understanding help to keep the relationship, not to lose a family and to keep a decaying spark of love.

If parents look for rescue everyone in the shelter, alcohol, drugs, tranquilizers fill their house.

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