Only one raised

Only one raisedYears of work everything confirmed more obviously that childrenare reputable, trust and the friendly relation,that it is pleasant to us to be with them in this clear atmospheretender feelings, the cheerful laughter, the first vigorous Wuhsi liya and udivleniye, pure, light and lovely pleasures thatthis work live, fruitful I beautiful.

Only one raised doubts and concern.

Why sometimes the most reliable also will bring Otche the truth, seldom, but happen sudden explosions mass indiscipline of all group Perhapsadults it is not better, only more solid, reliable,it is possible to rely on them more quietlyI persistently looked for and gradually found the answer.

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It is not present

It is not present In such game the superiority of one over another will consist in the answer to questions what was your internal experience; for what purpose and as we played; as compared itself with others; how ours were shown polozhitelny or negative properties here it is possible to endure the most amazing conditions game with the egoizmegohm and against it; establishment of contact to the companions and with against anybody; suppression of aspiration to be shown or, on the contrary, manifestation of, but for the sake of team.

It is not present today in football which turned into business.

This moral, internal, spiritual research itself and ostalny during such, outwardly rough, games conceals huge possibilities forintellectual football players.

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Look at the child

Look at the child Now it can show pleasure or discontent by means of various sounds.

Sometimes the kid tries to repeat your intonation or even a combination of sounds which he just heard.

It can connect two syllables and long repeat them.

For example, mother or woman.

But the child at the age of months yet does not understand values of words said by it.

Will pass not one month before he will understand that such mother.

Look at the child when say his name in the offer.

Whether the kid reacts to pronouncing of the name If the child reacts to the name, means, he precisely understood a word meaning.

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An exception

An exception Food allergy can arise at any age, however, as a rule, it not AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDarises till feeding up introduction.

An exception of a rule are children being on artificial feeding protein of cow milk on the basis of which the nutritious mix is prepared can cause an allergy.

Symptoms of food allergy which meet at children, include nausea; vomiting; stomach swelling; itch; skin reddening; skin rash; crying or angry condition of the child; fatigue; appetite violation.

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We know that

We know thatNight adventures – The following question is a night.

We know that a half of all adventures in similar places occurs after a release.

How it to organize to force them to sleep is it is impossible.

Or there should not be a release at all – No, naturally, there should be an organization, and very accurate.

There should be a release, but it is necessary to torment properly them, especially before going to bed that they really were tired that felt pleasure from a dream and rest.

But if someone cannot fall asleep, and the others sleep, it has no right to them me.

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Kindergarten. In Montessori's kindergarten

Kindergarten. In Montessori's kindergartenFreedom in the directed actions also is the mainfreedom of the child.

But it not end resulteducation, though the normalized children demonstMontessori's method surprisin from the point of view of adults,human qualities.


In Montessori's kindergarten putbegins with free work.

Children comein group, independently undress, bringitself in an order also choose, than they will be todayto be engaged.

The tutor meets children, surelystretching everyone a hand for a greetin and then,already in a cool room, patiently observes forfree choice them a material for occupations.

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