Will be active

Will be active MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATION Do not speak badly about the child at it,without it.

Concentrate on development of the goodin the child so as a result bad will not beto remain places.

Will be active in preparation of Wednesday.

Showconstant careful care of it.

Help the child to establish the constructiveinteraction with it.

Showplace of each developing materialand the correct modes of work with it.

Be ready to respond to an appeal of the child,which needs you, always listenalso answer the child, whichaddresses to you.

Respect the child who made a mistakealso can now or correct a bit laterit, but immediately strictly stopany incorrect use of a materialand any action menacing to safetychild or other children.

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Where word

Where wordThe age of the child there is less, the words are shorterand the less their quantity.

At first it can beany words, and then and words on a certain subject.

It is possible to unroll rolls on a floor, it is possible to hang upon a tack, as poster.

Nikolay Zaytsev's magic cubes Read to the child all written words let in the beginningthere will be words.

Where word WINTER In it MAit is allocated It is correct.

What is allocated MA.

And nowlet's read all word.

Options of games with the written words the greatset.

It is possible to look for and read together onlythe allocated shock warehouse in each word.

We look forsecond word from above or the third from below.

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The fairy tale

The fairy tale VOLUME , The fairy tale – a right way to heart of the child even if this child hid in the adult.

The fairy tale – the friend of sincerity and the enemy of falseness.

The kind, wise fairy tale can make more than the whole lots of manuals, – as it not on , and addresses, does not urge on, and attracts us to good.

In this book fairy tales which will help children to join hands are collected and already never to lose each other.

Start up it will seem by miracle, but after all all know that miracles happen.

MAGIC POINTS This book opens a new series under the general name Fairy tales from future .

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With the firstborn

With the firstborn If you leave the firstborn in a protest condition because of the broken mode or ceremony, considering that he will calm down then and somewhere will fall asleep, in its organism destructive forces join.

Each time, starting such moments, you engender seeds which will sprout years in eighteen twenty in smokin alcoholism and other bad habits.

With the firstborn it is necessary to be very accurate.

It will go even in addictions to look for the ceremony.

Now I will smoke, I will calm down and will return, is the firstborn speaks.

And it actually will smoke a cigaret and will return, will calm down.

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In that case

In that case We submit to it.

About it Vernadsky wrote in due time.

And consequently we should study simply laws of the nature and to followof.

In that case we will always be in a comfortable condition, to us it will be good.

This huge system penetrates us various forces.

All our the cape whether, desires proceed from it.

We understand system of forces which operates all matter, energy, information as the nature.

Everythin beginning from atom and its parts, and to huge constellations, and above they be those layers of the nature which we yet did not comprehend today, and only in the future we hope to open.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Atit they became more independent, more initiative,more inquisitively, more responsibly too not onto years.

Nikitina understood the knowing person itperfectly, but it should comprehend creativelythe business, the place in life, and for this purpose is necessaryabilities and ability to put into practice, in work,in any life experience.

Motivation to interestHarmonious intellectual development is reached,on Nikitin, according to the same principlesspontaneous interest and independent activity.

It is necessary to be prepared for it in advance.

In what that the moment among children's toys appear, for example,cubes with letters and it becomes the firstat a slow pace on a way of the child to reading.

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