When the friend

When the friend To Suzuki in the beginning answered,that it is impossible, and apologized, referring onthat the child is still too small to holdviolin, after all it in a proportion to his body all the samethat a contrabass for the adult.

When the friend left,Musical academy of the doctor of Suzuki Suzuki suddenly understood that thinks too narrowly.

Itjust told that the child is still small to studyto play a violin though itself before madethe conclusion that at the age of three years the child can studyto music and to become the good musician.

Certainly,the violin is too great for the child, but whynot to make a violin suitable it on the sizeInspired by this thought, Suzuki was acceptedto make small violinists.

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Nd WEEK At the age of months

Nd WEEK At the age of months In process of a growing of the child atopic dermatitis passes to other painful conditions.

nd WEEK At the age of months actively creeping child subjects to continuous tests the thin and sensitive skin.

When crawling there can be a socalled contact dermatitis.

More often at children the atopic dermatitis caused by food allergy meets.

Dryness of skin, the red rash appearing on a face is symptoms of food allergy.

When progressing illness rash can appear on a body and extremities.

At atopic dermatitis an unusual zone of localization of rash is the diaper area.

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More often

More often What horror! I.

And what they will have a look G of R and and.


More often in conversation with the child we use the same verbs, the most running adjectives partly in order that it is better than us understood, partly because our own speech does not differ the special wealth.

We speak small, bi malicious, kind.

But after all is still words enormous, enormous, huge, tiny, tiny and even microscopic.

What fine, magnificent, delightful, wonderful, excellent, remarkable, magnificent house! What charmin pretty, charmin charming and nice girl! In conversation with the child we seldom use similar words from where to it their nobility All this richness of definitions is withdrawn from the daily address, and we we tell only the bad good, beautiful ugly, kind malicious very primitive and limited set.

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One of them

One of them Communication between head movements here and there and denial will arise only in some months.

AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDDifferent types of activity bring to the kid pleasure To age of months various kinds of activity bring to the kid pleasure.

One of them is dance.

The kid also likes to break toys or to tear books or paper.

Let it does not guard and does not frighten you.

The child is involved by simple games, such, as a hideandseek.

To this age the child becomes the initiator of games.

Now he plays more than before.

The child likes to visit shops.

There he sees a lot of new to it and, certainly, interesting subjects.

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After all what

After all what In society already and there are a lot of the women who have learned fight and competitions, destroying not only the hormones, but also lost ability to have children.

If you do not want to grow up from the daughter lonely and embittered, but the provided business lady, give the chance to it to develop love and cooperation with all.

Let the world for it will be fine and kind.

After all what we expect from life, we create.

If the girl to prepare for fight and superiority, what it will do with the private life If your son is weak and less prepared, than other children therefore it is not confident in the forces, badly owns this or that type of movement, it is necessary for it to feel your continued support.

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Earlier The sequence of their emergence is specified in drawing Existence of temporary teeth causes the correct development of jaws and as a whole facial bones of a skull.

Earlier children who had teeth earlier start to talk.

The talkative kid is pleasure for him and for his parents.

Regularly brush teeth.

The first milk teeth is necessary for cleaning a rag or a small soft tooth brush.

There is no need to use a children's toothpaste.

If the child had four teeth, it is necessary to clean them not less often than time per day.

When you brush teeth the kid, do it accurately.

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