Asphalt was very

Asphalt was very Got out and was tumbled down on sand.

The sun heated.

We put on and went home.

We saw, how the uncle threw black sand on a path.

And other stick wound on it.

The car went for a drive also did asphalt.

Asphalt was very hot, and the smoke left asphalt.

We looked and went home.

BIRTHDAY Yesterday I went on birthday for a holiday.

To the Subject.

And all ate.

I got on a table behind a pie both blew into candles, and left salad unintentionally on a floor.

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Automobile If birthday of the child is the share of big holidays, such as New year, it is meaningful to celebrate execution not only one year, but also one year and six months that all attention of adults was concentrated only on the kid.

In case birthday of the child is the share of big holidays, the kid cannot realize, concerning what event there is a celebration.

Automobile waistcoat of safety If you have a healthy child and by first year of life the mass of his body makes from to k you can use alternative to a children's automobile seat an automobile waistcoat of safety.

This very superficial adaptation which is attached to a car seat in shoulders and hips.

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