Problemsa Those adults who considersex by the forbidden subject, most likely, received the incorrecteducation in the childhood.

Improper feeding develops the badhabits on all subsequent life.

Problemsa food sooner or later arise in each family.

Female magazines and grants on education of childrenare full of articles on a subject How to convince the child there is that,what it is not pleasant to it.

However whether it is better to ask a question how to eliminatethe reason than to think how to correct that alreadyit was created Wrong habits very muchit is difficult to eradicate.

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It takes

It takes To MasaraIbuka writes Madam Risheni Felix, recognizedthe authority on training to mathematics, argues,that the child can start to be taught mathematicsat any age.

Row or set itsimply sets of subjects with the general qualities.

The child gets acquainted with them when beginsto play with cubes.

It takes them one by one,distinguishing in a form square, triangular etc.

Already at early age the kid well understands,that each cube is an element of row and that a small groupcubes it is one row, and triangles another.

Simple idea that subjects can be groupedaccording to certain characteristics, is the main thingprinciple which underlies the theoryranks.

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We already

We already Performance broke up to separate bright episodes, and about what integral perception it was is not necessary to tell that.

To a campaign in puppet theater on performance Gold key we prepared in advance.

The book studied up and down.

We already had idea of the auditorium, scene and actors The Pinocchio in the book jumped out of a hall on a scene where it was welcomed by all doll tribe.

Now we will look, as all this looks at the real theater.

Here the curtain, now it will open.

A fairy tale plot, to big ours to regret underwent big changes, but some episodes, glory o are kept in inviolability.

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The preference

The preferenceThe only thing that is necessary orange to keep health, carefully to think over all aspects of the researches and to plan the feats more attentively.

Yellow auraPreferenceThe yellow primary color.

It expresses the main mental requirement to reveal.

In development the individual sense of all changes is put.

In them are concluded hope,aspiration to pleasure, happiness.

The preference of yellow color the rest means searches of the release bearing happiness for that is absent.

The yellow is chosen by people, which look for the changed, releasing relations to discharge in the expected way the raised tension and to have possibility to reveal, reach the desirable.

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Moreover, when

Moreover, when Cole, G.

Lister, and C.

LeesonPayne, Breast Milk and Subsequent Intelligence Quotient in Children Born Preterm, Lancet –feeling.

Moreover, when the child physically leaves from under nepothe sredstvenny parent power – becomes independent and playsitself – proceeding feeding strengthens even moreits emotional communication with mother.

This additive sometimes nedowill melt to those kids who were deprived chest The distance from mother and return to it creates at rebenhoming under her win strengthens it from within and on to it gradually to leave in the wide world, operatingsurely and independently.

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Mother, having

Mother, havingThe child wants, that with it managed seriously, tre trust, councils and instructions.

We belong toto it playfully, tirelessly we suspect, we push away neponimaniye, we deny assistance.

Mother, having come to the doctor to consultation, does not want at to drive the facts, prefers the general form Nervous, whimsical, disobedient.

Facts, dear, symptoms.

Bit the girlfriend.

It is simply a shame to tell.

And after allloves it, always with it plays.

Fiveminute conversation with the girl hates podru which laughs at it and its dresses, and mother on called tryapichnitsa.

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