For example, game

For example, game The maintenance of a material should correspond to children's experience The material for games and occupations with small children is necessary for selecting the such in a way that its contents corresponded to children's experience.

Use situations familiar to the kid.

For example, game with the machine children saw cars on to the street; game The pussycat, the pussycat ! children saw and ironed a cat.

If the new material is offered, previously it is necessary to give to the child new representations.

For example, game A chicken with chickens.

Small city children often have no real idea of house birds, therefore show to the child of a toy a chicken and chickens or pictures, it is a little tell about these house birds, and then start to play.

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One of boys

One of boysUnless we look for old men, that not game whether in football What nasty thing persistent tracingat children of an onanism.

One of boys left in a huff, one bed plo it is laid, one coat , one blot in tetto radka.

If we also do not chide, in any casewe grumble instead of rejoicing that only one,one, one.

We hear complaints and disputes, but it is how moreforgiveness, concessions, help, care, services, lessons, gluboky and beautiful influences! Even teases and illnatured persons notonly force to shed tears, but also to blossom smiles.

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It can become

It can become To many children who were on natural feedin weeks for accustoming to taste of a nutritious mix are required.

If the child experiences difficulties at a sosaniye from a small bottle or absolutely refuses it, it is possible to try one more way.

This feeding from a cup.

Six months are not too early age for drink from a cup see the st week.

It can become a solution if the child gets used to taste of a nutritious mix.

Shortly the kid will meet the first semiannual birthday.

Probably, it already passed to adult food and eats three times a day.

Only before going to bed it is still fed with parent milk or a nutritious mix.

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Go on walk, even

Go on walk, even It worked with children having the gift of clairvoyance, and also with children with multiple defects much.

Laugh more often.

Release silly jokes.

Smile to passersby.

Set many questions.

Be not afraid to look silly.

Do not feel sorry for time for nature contemplation.

Allow a dog to lick your person.

Ask for help, when it is necessary to you.

Roll in a grass and look at clouds.

Go on walk, even if it is raining.

Children need to see that you do all this.

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We will

We will We should understand that all mankind is included now into the new world, and we should pass buffer transition in the selfeducation, education, trainin adaptation to it.

We will have nothing to do soon.

We will have no raw materials in order that proizto drive everything that we make today, and then we throw out in half a year that we buy.

People gradually more and more time will see off organizovanno in such educational institutions.

And consequently the most important profession which is necessary in the following generation, I am sure, it is a profession vosa feeder, the instructor, the teacher.

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Their food

Their food And they dispersed on the world in different directions, having been disappointed in a cart association mozhnost.

About it Joseph Flavy very interestingly wrote.

Three million people togas da it was the whole civilization were in the small territory, ogranichenny the rivers Tiger and Euphrates.

The sun and water is a lot of, people grew up barley, wheat, garlic, caught and dried fish.

Their food contained everything not obkhodimy microcells.

Fine conditions for an ancient civilization.

And suddenly it appears that inhabitants of Babylon unable to be together.

And time , who where.

Practically, each family, a tribe, shop left diversely and formed the people.

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