An exception

An exception Food allergy can arise at any age, however, as a rule, it not AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDarises till feeding up introduction.

An exception of a rule are children being on artificial feeding protein of cow milk on the basis of which the nutritious mix is prepared can cause an allergy.

Symptoms of food allergy which meet at children, include nausea; vomiting; stomach swelling; itch; skin reddening; skin rash; crying or angry condition of the child; fatigue; appetite violation.

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We know that

We know thatNight adventures – The following question is a night.

We know that a half of all adventures in similar places occurs after a release.

How it to organize to force them to sleep is it is impossible.

Or there should not be a release at all – No, naturally, there should be an organization, and very accurate.

There should be a release, but it is necessary to torment properly them, especially before going to bed that they really were tired that felt pleasure from a dream and rest.

But if someone cannot fall asleep, and the others sleep, it has no right to them me.

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Kindergarten. In Montessori's kindergarten

Kindergarten. In Montessori's kindergartenFreedom in the directed actions also is the mainfreedom of the child.

But it not end resulteducation, though the normalized children demonstMontessori's method surprisin from the point of view of adults,human qualities.


In Montessori's kindergarten putbegins with free work.

Children comein group, independently undress, bringitself in an order also choose, than they will be todayto be engaged.

The tutor meets children, surelystretching everyone a hand for a greetin and then,already in a cool room, patiently observes forfree choice them a material for occupations.

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I tell in the wood

I tell in the wood Well as, it is cheerful to you Very much he answers, yawning or suppressing ,not to offend.

Summer colony.

I tell in the wood treasury.

During time of the story rises and one boy leaves, thenanother, the third.

It surprised me, for the next day I askthem one put a stick under a bush, remembered about it,when I told, and was frightened, as though did not take;the second was hurt by the cut finger, and the third does not loveinvented stories.

Whether the adult will leave also fromtheater if the play does not occupy it, pain bothers orleft in a coat pocket a cigaret caseI have many proofs of that the child mo in weeks, months to be engaged sameand not to wish change.

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Who told, what

Who told, what Here the Cat and the Fox, to what an artful couple! Vanya K.

threatens the Fox, To cat and KarabasuBarabas fist.

He loudly advises Buratino in any case not to give money and quicker to get away.

Sitting before us zhenshchion looks not so much at a scene, how many with a smile and admiration on Vanya.

Who told, what children with a Down syndrome are not emotional Vanya literally flies into a rage, the Belief sits tensely, keeping the eyes glued from scenes.

Vitalik constantly extends a neck Vanya swinging fists and jumping up on the place, prevents it to look.

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