Often before

Often before Crystal children Power fields of crystal children contain all color range.

There is a version, slightly distinct from the main, and children possessing it often are called as children of the Rainbow.

Between power fields of crystal children and children of the Rainbow there are some subtle differences, but in fact they are identical.

Crystal children began to be born since more.

Often before the most birth they are to the parents in a dream and transfer special messages.

However, some parents, having seen the kid, quickly forget about the message and start to lisp with the child and surround it with silly toys.

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The heavy

The heavy At household level he already owns phrase speech rather freely, and drawing up of compound sentences will not present for it special difficulties.

The dog loudly began a bark, and the boy was frightened.

Kolya well was engaged, and the grandmother praised it.

Kolya got hungry, and mother let's to it eat.

The machine broke, and the father repaired it.

The ball was gone under a case, and we got it a stick.

The heavy rain went, the thunder rang out, and the lightning sparkled.

Mother entered into a room, started a hand in a flower, pulled out Vanya, and Vanya very much was delighted Vanya tells about how it turned in Thumbelina.

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Our first speech

Our first speech A.


We listen to music.

Do not lick a plate I brand.

Syllables, keywords and turns.

Our first speech games.

Books folding beds.

Cards Speech of the child with a Down syndrome is muffled, sketchy and incoherent.

Cases at all the fantastic meet.

The child speaks on tarabarsky adverb which even it is impossible to reproduce.

Word ear nineyear Masha could not tell, but at it perfectly left what utter .

But also there was no more than one time, next time, pointing to an ear, she spoke to manhole.

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Mother shows

Mother showsThe first gift, in his opinion, the ball is.

Balls should be small, soft, connectedfrom the wool, painted in various colors red,orange, yellow, green, dark blue, violeti.


colors of a rainbow and white.

To each ball it is attachedthread.

Mother shows to the child balls, developing the suchin a way his ability to distinguish color.

Shaking a ballin different directions and respectively sentencingforwardback, updown, to the rightto the left,it acquaints the child with spatial representations.

Showing a ball on a palm, hiding itand sentencing thus There is a ball there is no ball mother acquaints the child with concepts of the statementand denials.

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People learned

People learned Time for restoration of forces too is necessary for them.

What the child in a family sees Already several generations practically have no normal stereotypes of family life.

People learned to work, be afraid of condemnation of people around, to be traumatized on work and the deserved disability, deprived of time for communication with children and relatives.

All of us are to some extent ready to be Pavkami Korchaginymi, heroes, sufferers.

About it we know much, saw, studied and wrote compositions at school.

Us learned to compete, argue, battle.

As a result in many families there is no practice of maintenance of personal relations, preservations and love developments.

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