So, we begin. Yura

So, we begin. Yura About it it gives me the nobility, pointing a finger at paper strips with the words slides, the rhyme, pasted by an adhesive tape to a case door.

So, we begin.

Yura independently turns off the light.

Mother hangs up the screen White bedsheet.

Sit down, Yura, on a sofa, Look at pictures.

At my not so brilliant abilities to poetic creativity to write verses according to each slide very difficult task.

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Be not surprised, if children

Be not surprised, if children Give the chance to the child to choose independently those toys which are pleasant to it.

Allow the girl to play with truck, and to the boy with a doll.

Be not surprised, if children choose a toy which on stereotypic representations should be intended for other sex of the child.

Since small years the child sees role differentiation of activity in a family.

Mother performs the homework connected with cooking and house cleanin and the father with maintenance and transfer of weights.

In the course of time children well acquire such cast, and in the course of game the girl will not want to be a father, and the boy mother.

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Some of them

Some of themDummy processingI had to observe more than once, how parents who give a dummy to the child, lick it previously, wipe about itself or simply shake the stuck dirt.

Some of them said that so stimulate immunity of the child.

It is not necessary to experiment in this way over the child.

Dirt dirt discord, and memories of former times when the child grew in a nonpolluting situation in the wood or in the field near parents, playing with the earth, long ago left, remember the changed conditions.

There is no more that earth and many other.

The industry develops, cars became much, a dust and dirt now others.

The kid needs to be preserved, giving it the protection and the help.

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Then all their

Then all their At first it – maa terinsky womb, and after the birth mother turns for it into external shelter.

Then the lump NATO, the apartment, a family, the residential district, the city, the country … becomes a bosom if we only were able to keep this enveloping feeling of warmth if it did not disappear, and spread in the course of time, our children would feel themselves in safety.

Surrounded with love, they would pass the whole world through themselves, that about more and more strong reciprocal feeling.

Then all their life would be natural, pleasant and fine.

And therefore, for support in the child of feeling loving okrua zheniye, mother should contact as much as possible to it in the first twothree years, to keep it on hands or in a baby sling – in process of forces and possibilities.

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Many children, doing

Many children, doing At a bear today birthday.

To it one is executed or more year.

Let's congratulate a bear! Here a festive pie help a bear to blow into candles When the child blows into a candle, watch, that the exhalation was lon strong and smooth.

Explain to the kid that it has some attempts, in each of which it is possible to blow only once If the candle did not go out again we gather in breast air also we try once again.

Many children, doing the correct exhalation, cannot truly direct a stream exhaled air it passes by a candle flame.

In this case it is useful for descriptive reasons to suggest to blow in a pipe made of a leaf of dense paper diameter of cm since by means of a pipe it is possible to supervise the direction exhaled air.

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