Etc. I speak

Etc. I speak I tell to Vanya the fairy tale about the Cinderella.

Listened to three times in a row, thought and came to such conclusion I will not go on ball.

I will put on the old skirt.

I will wash plates in kitchen.

I will lay down on a laying and I will not go on ball.

Then again I will put on an old skirt.


I speak And if volsheb Nice will come with a magic wand and fine horses That you to it you will tell I will tell that I do not want on ball.

And again I will put on the old skirt.

You do not know, for that to wait from this Vanya.

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And then younger

And then younger So reshuffles of groups are impossible without the age qualification.

But we can create different combinations of these groups we brin dopusty, into the group consisting of ten years' children, five fifteen summer which obtain from us permit, the direction to be there organijams, tutors.

And then younger naturally study from them, and those are proud of that received such possibility.

That is we do not mix group.

We simply use that younger children always study at seniors and very much are proud of that those are engaged with them.

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At power violation

At power violationThey are born leaders, can perfectly build any system, but suffer from it and want a freedom of action.

HealthIn spite of the fact that they seem physically stron their organism very much depends on a power and emotional condition.

At power violation they can hard and quickly fall ill.

Emotional pain brings them more sufferings, than physical.

Be restored they can outdoors where it is not felt influences of big cities.

FamilyThe family for them is a unity of souls and common goals.

They cannot play the subordinated role.

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For the child

For the child where I will take for this purpose forces, energy The fear of punishment gives negative energy.

It can be represented to me such awful that I will work, carry out necessarily necessary Day a stviye, damning everything on light.

But it is possible to create such environment – books, society which will present me the same work of the positive.

For the child it can be travel, for adults – interesting opening.

It works only in that case when surrounding society is valid this work approves, extols.

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We after

We after For de – a special approach, a special technique which it is necessary separately obgovari.

It is difficult.

Feeling of, itself with collective, a unification, connection – we instead ofI – at girls, small women, and at adults – absolutely other, than at men.

And we should develop it is made other approach.

We after all very different, we is made opposite on the at a sort.

So, the device of female camp – another.

And in general, it is big problem – to make female camp.

Men last to each other, they want to be in one team, to them is necessary vzai, a shoulder of the companion.

At them since the childhood draft to each other, to group is put.

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