He never argues, does

He never argues, does However! it should be noted, that refined politeness does not prevent it to bombard persistently constructions from cubes of sister Masha, are done by it it is every time, ignoring requests, requirements and punishments.

He never argues, does not pout and is not capricious at lessons, easily agrees with everything that I offer it the book to read please, the letter to dictate too it agrees, to tell, how spent summer it is always ready.

His speech is very developed.

It garnishes its literary epithets, parenthetic clauses and so forth.

Quoted in the book Grisha's statements, his letter and the diary which we write under Grishin dictation I and mother of the boy, give some, the full is far not idea of level of its speech development.

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The more

The more Game demands from participants and manifestation of certain abilities, then it will be interestin substantial, fascinating.

Therefore ability expressively to read verses, to sing songs, to dance, draw, create strong and beautiful constructions it is always noted by children.

The partners in game are more initiative and more independent, the there is a game quicker.

The more they show creativity, the equipment is richer with necessary attributes.

Ask the son that it is necessary for it for game, and together with it create it.

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Look, what

Look, what The breeze blew, branches downloaded.

rhythmically move a hand.

Then put on a table the right hand on the semibent fingers it is a bug.

Move firing the bug slowly creeps forward.

Look, what bug creeps.

See, what pads fingers at it.

Where it it gathered And, it on a tree would like to get! telling a rhyme, illustrate it the bug creeps up to a tree and begins to get on a trunk up.

Suddenly falls on a table pads up the right hand the back party of a palm lies on a table, the semibent fingers move.

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And still Maria

And still Maria It is known only that parentseverything that it in the future could did for itto realize high human mission, that, by the way, in strict Catholic Italyin any way did not correspond to traditional situationwomen.

In a gymnasium Maria Montessori seriously was fondnatural sciences also made at last the professionalchoice decided to become the children's doctor.

In Italy of that time it was almost impossiblethe medicine remained exclusively man'sprivilege.

And still Maria Montessori's persistenceit was rewarded she became the first woman doctor of Italy.

In the League of women of Italy opened in Romeortofrenichesky school.

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We on it will

We on it will But it seems to me that the youth draws communication.

On our platforms they really freely can communicate with each other.

And this communication will cause in them feeling of lifting over any bad influences, in that chisle Interneta.

There's nothing to be done – we should enter the competition.

And I think that it is good.

We on it will study, we will bypass obstacles so that to become more attractive, to give answers to youth questions.

We are at war, entering fight against powerful, strong opponents which wish to sell to our children everything that is favorable to them and that, as a rule, harm but for children.

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